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LR5 Lightrail™ Series is a complete illuminated handrail system, ideal for indoor or outdoor
applications such as stairs, ramps, and walkways. The round design provides symmetrical
or asymmetrical illumination with dimensions that conform to ADA requirements. Lightrail
is offered in post mount or wall mount configurations. Other uses include pedestrian bridge
and guardrail lighting.


  • Available in extruded aluminum and formed stainless steel with welded and blended
    joints for a seamless appearance
  • A high impact extruded acrylic lens snaps into place and is further retained by fasteners
    at each end
  • The flat lens design minimizes visible brightness at sides and is available in clear or frosted
  • Each rail is tailored to fit existing stairs, ramps, and walkways
  • Aluminum rails supplied with a powder coat or anodized finish stainless steel rails supplied
    with a #4 satin finish, passivated


  • LED modules are 24 VDC constant voltage at 4.5 watts and 171 lumens per foot.
    Available in 3000˚K or 4000˚K color temperatures. Beam spreads in 50˚, 65˚,
    and 90˚ patterns
  • LEDs are configured to allow uninterrupted illumination
  • Electrical feed locations are pre determined at time of submittal
  • Drivers may be integral to the posts or railing; or can be remotely located if desired.
  • Dimming drivers are available upon request
  • Fluorescent: prewired for T5 rapid-start fluorescent lamps, available in various
    lengths, as required


  • Posts or wall brackets are provided to a maximum of 6' centers
  • Posts are direct buried to 6" depth and set with quick-setting grout by contractor
  • Baseplates are optional for post mounting
  • Wall bracket allows mounting over conduit stub flush with wall

Special Features
Custom mounting brackets and end treatments are available to meet most design
criteria. Stainless steel cable and glass panel infills available.